Collected Writings and Podcast Appearances, 9/23/2022

by Patrick

I just wanted to collect some of my writings, interviews, and podcast shows of recent years so that they can be assessed and accessed in one place. I will provide an update along these lines periodically so long as I continue to write and speak.

“The Enemy at Home: U.S. Imperialism in Syria,” published in “Issue 6: Imperialism” of Viewpoint Magazine:

“Bye, Felicia: A Century of Failed Imperialism in Syria,” on the East is a Podcast:

“Ireland, America and settler-colonialism,” with Anti-Imperialist Action Ireland:

“June 2020,” published in the Houston Review of Books:

“Syria and the French Empire from WWI to Present,” at the French History Podcast:

“Lockdown Imperialism,” published in (what was) Undercurrent Magazine:

“Imperialism and the Deep State: Peter Dale Scott’s The Road to 9/11–Wealth, Empire and the Future of America,” published at Liberated Texts:

“Never Trust Imperialism,” a discussion with Louis Allday at The East is a Podcast: